Hawaii Picture Gallery

Here are some pictures of places and things around Hawaii that give you just a tiny taste of life in the Islands. 

Sunrise at Pali Lookout


Napping under the coconut trees. But don't nap directly under a tree with coconuts in case one falls and lands on you. Trust us, it feels worse than it sounds. 


In this shot you can see the Makapuu Lighthouse on the bottom right corner, Kokohead just under the wing tip, and Diamond Head in the background. 


The Ala Wai Golf Couse is a public course, but it is sitting on some of the most expensive land in the US. There have been discussions to redevelop the land into something more revenue-generating but for now, it's still a golf course.


Waimea Bay looks so calm and serene on this day. But it can be downright treacherous during a winter swell. 


kayak loaded on a truck
We're getting ready to unload the kayak for some recreational rest and relaxation at the beach.


Red red wine
A  glass of Red Red Wine is the perfect compliment with the ocean view.


Tree swing at the beach house
A tree swing perfectly situated between the porch and the beach.


Beach house on a windy day
If you can, we highly recommend spending part of your time in Hawaii at a beach house.


Gentle waves on the North Shore
If you want gentle waters on the North Shore, go during the summer.


Sunset at Waikiki Beach
There are many great places to watch a sunset, including the heart of Waikiki. 


Lanikai Beach
If you're a morning person, we guarantee you will love a morning walk at Lanikai Beach.